5 thoughts on “WoT – Tactics and Strategy Basics: How to Improve Statistics

  1. How to improve stats?
    Use a eBay East European booster company like everyone else.
    That why you have 3 minute games because you have 3 player platoons who do 0 damage.
    The regular WG shills say they’re just bad players. No, they are sold accounts just used for game rigging.
    Why do you think there’s no eSports? Now these rigging platoons infest randoms…

    1. That’s why people “play for fun” i.e. just don’t care anymore.
      Loose game in 3 minutes whatever just play the next battle. Player say no effort in learning the game

  2. There are no tactics or strategies in a game that is full of cheaters and also rigged against the player using RNG. Spamming gold is neither a tactic nor a strategy.

  3. A good well-made informative WG WOT video article showing many skill and knowledge aspects that most WOT know but…?
    Problem is … it’s a 4 min average game?
    where 1 side always starts to lose players within the first 2 mins! that fast tips the balance to the Enemy team that ARE NOT dying
    ((WG made it like this years ago, WG likes fast turbo games on small corridor bland Maps))

    So, thanks, WG nice video!
    however, 75% of your players simply don’t care ~ or give a shit ~ dying in battle within 3 mins, and then jump straight into another Vehicle another into 3 min battle then dies, again, encourages ‘not giving a shit about winning or helping Teammates

    have a nice Xmas!

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