10 thoughts on “WoT – Holiday Ops 2023: How to Collect and Spend Resources

  1. Unfortunate that I don’t play WoT anymore.

    I would’ve done an over view of this year’s boxes and festive level progression like I did with last years bullshit event. Someone out there should be able to put the numbers together, to see if it’s the same or worse than last year. (Maybe Seb should post any links or videos if anyone out there has done the number cracking yet.)

    Where you needed to buy 2 sets of 25 premium boxes to just reach festive level 6/7 compared to years before where you only needed to buy one set to reach the same level.

    I hope it’s better than last year, I hope it was just Lesta and his goons that where behind all this bullshit going on. But there’s a good chance that Weegee as whole is just that corrupt, that no matter how many times one trims/cuts the branches, the tree as a whole is rotted to it’s roots.

    1. I got to festive level 10 the last 2 years as an f2p player, no boxes bought. Just play the Christmas game, I needed management though.

  2. Are you defective?
    If you don’t play why are you even here and then why even comment?!
    Do you still pine for that one girl who smiled at you when you were 14?

    1. Oh shit I’m sorry. I forgot about the rules that stated I needed the game installed to have an opinion.

      Fine insult me. If I stilled played I would’ve done the number cracking to make sure spending 50$ dollars was worth it or not, I guess I’m not allowed to care about my fellow players well being in this shitty 2020’s economy and be Chems/SirFoch clone #334.

      This is why nobody likes WoT players. you offer to help, they bite your hand. and then procced to complain why this game is such dogshit, because Weegee allowed to do whatever they please. one many reasons why I left. I hope you enjoy the game as it is then.

      1. It is much easier to reach festive level 10 this year than last. It us actually easily acheivable ftp around a couple weeks in tops.

        However they do not have 4 different skins so the prizes are limited to skin, bonus multipliers, and texh tree tank discounts.

        I bought crates and got super lucky, but for ftp it looks.like the best year ever.

        Complaints are mostly no advent (gold sync) and supposed OP premium release.

  3. In fact, this year the premiums are significantly lower than last year’s. no advent calendar, no small package prizes etc etc…

  4. Nobody is left from my Klan now. I’m going to sell my account so some shitty cz player can use it for game rigging

  5. Ok, question: What determines the discount you get on present and past 2D styles in the Shop? I’ve got multiple accounts, they all have the decorations maxed at tier 10. But when I go to the shop, one account will have 50% discount on 2021 style for example, the other will have 6% on same, and one has zero discounts…ever.

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