13 thoughts on “WoT – Map Guides – Cliff

  1. The recomendation in light tanks i would say is not the best, going hill is just a dead place that work for wheels and maybe maybe something like a 100lt

    1. The hill can be a changer, in lights its sometimes best to get there not at start but later… Also sometimes its good for meds to go there…

  2. Advice for heavy tanks and new players – never never stay down as they say in this video. Never.

    1. I have to agree if you stay all battle in the lower part you are rigging your team.
      You are just out of the battle, for fast heavies i would say its better if you go upper from the start

      1. Exact. And not only for fast heavies, but also for all heavies. In other words, also the superheavies help the team, when they absorb or exchange or at least slow down / stop atack with their presence / hitpoints…

  3. If a Map needs to be explained to people? and in you a go to 1 then 2 then 3 area
    THEN its simply another shit badly designed Map from WG

    I remember the Old Cliff Map and enjoyed it a lot more, far more you had ‘options’
    – not just a big Hill in the Middle which is basically what this version of Cliff is this is just a dumbed down very simply with quick battles version

    If both versions Cliff were available to play the newer one would likely be banned option, the original be enjoyed ans LT especially had many more options all fun

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