13 thoughts on “WoT – Assembly Shop: A New Way to Get a Tier X Tank!

    1. Except gun accuracy, aiming time, alpha damage, gun depression, view range, gun and vehicle traverse speed and power to weight ratio.

  1. I wonder if we can mix national fragments? Or will we print it separately for each country? For example, if I do not have Japanese fragments, can I throw the surplus in another country there?

    1. Was thinking the same. On the WoT homepage you can try to mix the differnet currencies. With the nation blueprints there was no selection of a nation, so it is hopefully one for all nations.

  2. you can use free xp, gold, credits and bonds.

    the upgraded version was sold out when i logged on asia at 1030 AM, so i got the standard configuration, it cost approx:

    10k gold + 12k bonds + 10m credits + 200k free xp. thats the resources i split up.
    400 bonds=1% of the build
    550 gold= 1% of the build etc etc

  3. caveat emptor:

    277>is7>is4>780 and that’s with me running rations, all improved or bond equipment, and a vents directive, and only firing gold ammo.

    WG label 780 a breakthrough heavy, but it is not. It is an assault or support heavy at most.
    To be a breakthrough heavy it needs 330mm gold ammo pen and would you believe…better armour?!.

    780 can’t side scrape.
    780 can’t pen 279e, unless extremely lucky with rng accuracy, ( I haven’t penned one yet).

    780 CAN pen t95fv4201 LFP (yay?).

    780 is about equal in speed to is7, but again, this is while using bond turbo, vents directive and rations (I wouldn’t normally use these due to expense).

    in 4 games I’ve hid my LFP to enemies, but so far my turret armour has bounced one shot, name your t10, and it’s penned me with gold.

    verdict: not worth the $400 or so it costs to get. obj 277 and is7 are free to get, and the 780 is nowhere near as game breaking as t95fv4201 or 279e.

    gun accuracy is great, but without the armour to back your skill, you have to rely heavily on teammates.

    1. Well, I didn‘t spent a single penny for thid tank.
      EU should hurry up, at 08:30 a.m. only 30k where left

  4. 4th game in it:

    Vehicles: Object 780
    Experience received: 14,538
    Battle Pass Points received: 7
    Bonds received: 7
    Credits earned: 85,032
    Battle achievements: Fighter, Duelist, Spotter, Fire for Effect, Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Hand of God, Mastery Badge: “Ace Tanker”

    so yeah a silverback gorilla can play it
    that’s 3.5k dmg, 1k spotting.

  5. 44 M credits…..160 k free XP…and ton of blueprints…..so free tank but I didn’t get the 3d camo one….those were sold out in first 4-5 minutes

  6. Ok, so how do you get it if you don’t spend the resources (based on the return resources option)?

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