4 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Japanese Heavies – Welcome these six samurai!

  1. I hope WG adds them down the road, whether as an additional heavy branch line or as a replacement for the Type 5 branch line. However, I think the tier X Type 71 would be better with a 127mm gun, for example, instead of a 120mm.

  2. Most of WoT PC’s Japanese heavies are fiction too, and these would be more competitive. Plus, how many years has it been since Japan got any new content in WoT PC? So yes, I’m all for it.

    1. Well, the Type 89 I-Go, the Type 91, Type 95 and O-I are fully historical. The O-I Experimental is.. semi-historical, the O-Ni and O-Ho are based off artist’s impressions of the O-I. And the Type 4&5 Heavies are… debatable, based on a single soviet document and photo, basically.
      I’d call it 50/50.

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