WoT: “Nemesis” 3D Style for the 🇩🇪 E 100 – Pictures

This is one of the four 3D styles from the upcoming eighth season of the Battle Pass. Style treated as fictional, valued at 750 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: E 100.

Description of the style in English:

– “Brothers, you need but a short briefing. Our goals have not changed. They are written in blood in our sacred Codex. All you need do is ensure your weapons are blessed, that their machine spirits are content and that you follow the doctrines of the Codex. Remember Guilliman’s words, ‘We bring civilization and the Imperial Truth to places where havoc and slavery reigned. Those who oppose our great ideal will be granted peace in their quick death. The only thing that will remain of them is the crunch under a ceramite boot. ‘That is it, my brothers! We are blessed by the will of the Emperor. He will take care of the rest. “

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