4 thoughts on “Russia’s BMPT: A Tank for Urban Warfare – The Future of Tank Combat?

      1. With how long these current events will go on, I doubt it will be ever a ‘good time’ to post it, so getting over and done with it is the best choice in my opinion.

  1. take the M1A1’s the US Marine Corps will retire and remove their turrets
    concentrate most of the armor in the front and form an armored “capsule” for all 3 crew
    mount a unmanned turret armed with the XM913 50mm chain gun capable of firing 50mm APFSDS “Supershot”
    equip it with one of the following anti-tank missiles:
    FGM-148 Javelin
    AGM-114 Hellfire
    SPIKE-LR/NLOS (Israel)
    add machineguns and grenade launchers as necessary

    result: a 40~50 ton heavy IFV
    for comparison the AJAX IFV (UK) weighs 38~42 tons and the KF-41 Lynx (Germany) starts at 34 tons and can grow to 50 tons but are much less protected

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