7 thoughts on “WoT – Best Replays of the Week: Episode #164 “1,000 Damage in ONE SHOT???”

  1. How is 1000 damage per shot amazing? JPz E 100, FV 183 and the port o john (FV4005) have been doing that for years. And let’s not forget ammoracks are a thing.

    And no, ST-II does not count, that’s two 440 shots hitting at the same time that have to both pen and roll high to achieve 1k.

  2. Mhhhh… see 907 vs Foch at 0.25 speed…. aim circle follow cupola by it’s own despite sight….

    1. “You’re mistaken and you need rest, there’s no such things as cheats in World of Tanks, our servers are clean and safe!” (some WG minion)

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