8 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Coming Soon! Japanese Heavy Tanks and Much More!

  1. Wow, type 71 is like stb1, but armored…. And we, on wot PC are stuck with type 5…. I’m envious 🙁

  2. And that branch is more fake than the super-heavy branch we currently got in WoT.
    Since at least the O-I and O-I Experimental actually existed in a way (along with the I-Go, Type 91 and Type 95).

    So yeah, I got conflicted feelings.
    On one hand I hate that WG makes an 95% fake branch of Blitz, on the other hand, I want it in WoT PC so I’d actually have Japanese heavy tanks to play because the super-heavies are pretty much dead.

    1. there was at least one STB prototype (STB-4 I believe) with increased armour protection, it would not be completely impossible for the Japanese to have considered a prototype with even thicker armour, but if it was related to the STB development it would be unlikely it would be called Type 71

      1. When Japan’s infrastructure doesn’t support tanks of such weight?
        They made that mistake later already with the Type 90, and corrected it with the Type 10.
        And the Type 90 was only 12 tons heavier than the nanayon.

        1. I forgot to add that it would only be worth the benefit of the doubt IF they had added them before the O-I line from which almost nothing was known until 2015, if such things as a heavier variant of the STB existed it would not make sense to add the O-I line with almost no information available

          also, the study of a variant with thicker armour does not necessarily mean the tank would be heavier, there are cases of concept studies to see how much thicker they can make the armour without going over a predetermined max weight, often it results in a shorter tank OR a tank which is only truly protected from the front

          obviously this was not the case for these things we know are fake, but if they had announced them in 2014 some would be like «ok, I’ve never heard of such things but maybe they had access to exclusive info on them or something»

          1. People had heard of the O-I prior to 2014, hence the O-Ni and O-Ho. Those were artist’s renditions of what it could’ve looked like based on descriptions given. I’m fairly certain those predate the internet.

            And then we’ve had some unknown Japanese tanks hidden in plain sight like the Mitsu-104.

    2. Wg only needed to treat the tanks with derps with there own he mechanics.. And buffed the type 5s base he alpha to 1300 and base pen to 100 to 120 and make the prem shell 330 AP 900 alpha.. And the alternative HE AP be 260 pen 1000 alpha.. On the 15cm…

      140cm give its prem pen of 360.. And boom type 5 is alive again.. So easy…. Derps will kill the chieftian and 279es and hull down monsters i say good fuck them

  3. there’s a good “review” of the line available on reddit (by Legassini)

    Mitsu 108 » sort of mash up between Mitsu 104 and Ishi 108, two real tanks

    Ju-Nu and Ju-To » fake heavy variants of the Chi-Nu and Chi-To

    Chi-Se » the most realistic despite no one actually knowing how the Chi-Se looked like, some agree it would make sense for it to share design with the Ho-Ri for easy of production, especially since the Ho-Ri’s suspension had already been tested to support the increase in weight from the armour and big 105mm cannon

    Type-68 and Type-71 » like the tiers 6 and 7, fake variants of existing medium tanks

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