13 thoughts on “WoT – Daily Deals: Time for Good Bargains!

    1. My offers were for a Rudy (cash), two offers of 3D styles (gold), a free crewmember skin and training books for credits.
      It’s not that bad, especially compared to the ones before.

    2. IS2M for creds, 30 days premium (+reserves) for 3K gold, a free decal, rudy for money, the rest i dont remember

  1. Got IS2-M for 5.5M with a 2D style (which is quite nice winter style). I think the 2D style is called Battle of Moscow.

  2. Eh.
    Aufkl Panzer for 30€+
    that thing is so out of date its schocking.

    135dmg and 1600 dpm? AND lower vierange than my chinese? ha… cute
    Also its huge and while ramming might be nice, that paper thing armor and transmission dmg will destroy that smile

    1. Got it in the black market. It’s actually pretty fun. It makes up for the dpm with an insane rate of fire, and it makes up for it’s large profile with a few bounces here and there and some really fun rams. The view range is ok with the right crew and equipment

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