Supertest: M-VI-Y (Initial Stats)

The Tier IX American M-VI-Y heavy tank is heading to the Supertest.

The M-VI-Y is a representative of the Yoh branch featuring the new reserve track mechanic.

Starting from Tier VII, the vehicles of the Yoh branch have an additional track attached to the main one. This allows these vehicles to continue moving (albeit at a reduced speed) even if both main tracks are destroyed.

Like the top vehicle of the branch, this vehicle is introduced to the Supertest together with two guns: a 105mm and 120mm. The first gun is more accurate and has higher damage per minute, while the second one has higher damage per shot. The test will show which gun will be in the final configuration when the branch is released.

The 105mm gun causes 320HP of damage per shot. Penetration of the main AP shell is 251 mm, while the special HEAT shell has 315mm of penetration. The gun accuracy is 0.37, aiming time is 2.2s, and reload time is 8.3s.

The 120mm gun causes 400HP of damage per shot. Penetration of the main AP shell is 243 mm, while the special HEAT shell has 300mm of penetration. The gun accuracy is 0.4, aiming time is 2.7s, and reload time is 11.4s.

The vehicle’s frontal armour reaches 330mm, while the hull armour thickness is 165mm.

The vehicle’s total durability is 1,800 HP. Its top speed is 40km/h, and its specific power is 16.8 h.p./t.

The M-VI-Y will feature gameplay similar to the top vehicle of the Yoh branch. It has the same strong and weak points, just at a lower tier. The tank has a sturdy turret and good elevation and depression angles, which allows it to use terrain irregularities to its advantage. The vehicle’s good mobility and the reserve track mechanic will improve its survivability, even if an enemy tries to immobilize you, which will allow for using different tactics and manoeuvres on the battlefield.

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Additional Stats

Dispersion during turret rotation (120mm) – 0.12
Dispersion during turret rotation (105mm) – 0.08
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.22
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.22
Dispersion after shot – 4
Shell Velocity (120mm)– 1000/1000/900
Shell Velocity (105mm)– 1223/900/900
Terrain Resistances – 1.2/1.3/2.4

Source: EU Forums

2 thoughts on “Supertest: M-VI-Y (Initial Stats)

  1. I prefer a good gun with good dpm and good pen over alpha, 8mm more standard pen and 15 mm more gold pen on the 105

    1. yea sometimes having low pen is hard to compensate in heavies tank that cant flank or use cammo like others. And having a bad dpm, bad accuracy and bad dispersion on turret rotation will make the 120 not the best gun

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