11 thoughts on “WoT – Return of the Waffenträger: Everything About the Mode

  1. I made the stupid error of spending 40,5 euros and buying tyhe Big Engineers’s bundle.
    I had in return 1500 gold, 1 700 000 credits, 7 days of premium, a lot of decals … AND A FUCKING M41 !!!!!
    Do not buy this shit.

        1. Depends on how many you are missing and what you want. I was missing 5 and wanted Astron and Emil… So I bought 50, got Turtle… then another 50 and got Lansen, Astron at 70th (73rd with 3 drops from keys themselves) and the Emil with 2 left (105ish with extras). Now I am only missing the M41D and I dint care about it.

          But If you miss more than 4-5 and want only the Astron then you should definitely go for the 60 pack, especially with the 2,4% droprate.

    1. Wargambling’s tank themed casino in action! “We hope you enjoyed your dopamine hit, please feel free to play the tank simulator thingy whilst you lube up and prepare your credit card for another hit!”

  2. I wouldn’t bother the cue is 20 minutes there no enough players and the game will crash. No rewards ever.

  3. I got the Aston, Emil and Cs 52 LIS, 1k gold, 140 style, 5 resistor styles, 2 million gold and over 50 credit and other boosters as well as 20 premium days. All for $38.

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