15 thoughts on “WoT – Return of the Waffenträger

  1. The limited curfew (playable hours) window for some of the special modes means I can’t play them during the week, and they are designed to be played a few times per day to get the rewards.

        1. Lol. He thinks he is a joker. Juden, not evertone playing on the EU server lives in Europe. People move, or play from far off countries, and believe it or not, there is a thing called time zones… The earth is round… Climate change is real…

          1. The shape of the earth doesn’t prove Climate Change. Your statement does show that you have never done anything scientific to prove either, or any science at all.

          1. China dude, If I understand correctly, the time limit is for minors (under 18). And I don’t live in China (thankfully) and 18×2+. Why are you so angry? are u under 18 and stuck in China playing for 1 hour a day?

        2. He’s one of those childish asshats who think acting stupid on the internet is cool, no need to waste time or words with certain people.

          1. Yeah, you are right. The supposed anonymity on the internet seems to bring out the worst in people. Most people would never act or say such stuff in real life due to actual social consequences of no one ever wanting to be near them with such toxicity.

  2. I bet the M-IV-Yoh will be sold in this event’s lootboxes. (Maybe the Bofors Tornvagn)

    1. Oh lol, I completely forgot the bullshit lockboxes, the ones that gave out the T77. You might be on to something here.

    2. It’s entirely possible the tornvagn will, I doubt the yoh will get released anytime before Christmas since they’re not anywhere near ready to release the line and the emergency track mechanic yet. Another option is the Chinese 113-2 since that’s p much ready for release as well as stuff like the caliban, and if we wanna get crazy with ideas, the 560 or one of the other tier 9s that are p much ready to be sold as a premium.

      1. Yay! It’s the Astron Rex! A tank that has bad hp/ton and a bad gun lol. (At least you can get the EMIL 1951, which is a very good tank)

  3. Hopefully this is like last year where this was kind of a warm-up for the Halloween event, because I liked the Last Waffentrager 1.0, but this event just isn’t spooky enough for Halloween.

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