21 thoughts on “WoT – Developer Diaries: American Yoh Tanks

  1. Wat in the world did I just see!????
    The TierX is a Frankenstein…….
    I’m not sure about the track-thing but that’s the least of our problems.

    OH and i LOVEEE how they lie about the premium tank:

    “the copula is hard to hit on long range”
    shows a tank with 0.42accuracy aiming at it on 150m

    “and the weak spot beneath the gun is hidden if you are on a hill!”
    – SO WHAT? the COPULA will ALWAYS BE SEEN FIRST and SHOT first… and the enemy will redraw afterward! …..
    Nobody will aim for a weakspot 1:3 the size which can be hidden if there is a giant one which can be seen from all sides !?

    I mean… really? do they think we are this stupid Oo

  2. it obviously took them WAY TOO LONG but these are still good news, maybe next they will follow with the Japanese TD line and PROPER British LT line that Blitz got 80% right WAY BEFORE they even truly considered it for WoT PC

    1. I wouldn’t mind a British light tank line that uses mainly APCs with auto cannons, thou that would be fun, and we can’t have fun, only 105s like every other tier 10 light tank

    2. British lights in PC are good, but are not Red Friendly.
      The other lights are more like a medium than a light something similar to what the Wz light line is in wot

  3. Love the emphasis of how “the hull is like the T110E5”

    Ok, but all three T110’s have an incorrect hull to begin with.

    Other then that the mechanic’s unique but the look… Oh god my eyes

    1. true, and the correct hull would make the T110’s so much easier to balance
      it is “sad” because the TS-6 was, like the T110, a candidate to replace the M103 but was much more similar to the M103/T43
      it had the same elliptical cast hull design and a long “streamlined” turret design, a much more obvious candidate for Tier 10 after the M103

  4. How about fixing the game before copy and pasting ever more tanks into the game.
    Balancing has been impossible because of this.

    1. Don’t ask me where I saw the comment but these machines are apparently now delayed until Crew 2.0 goes into operation.

    1. Seems that the extra track prevents the tank from stopping completely unless that too is destroyed, and when the tank is running with one or both extra tracks it gets a mobility penalty.

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  5. I’ll grind the tech-tree machines…the game is more fun when you have something to grind…but I need another American premium heavy like I need another hole in my head. Not to mention a big chunk of my barracks is filled up with crew that are too good just to throw away, so these tanks will give me a place to park them!

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