Supertest: 🇬🇧 Caliban Changed Stats Caliban. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Turret rotation angles: 85 / 85 °   180 / 180 °

Gun: QF 6-inch Caliban

Penetration: 210 / 292   180 / 292 mm

Reload time between autoloader shots: 10,0 s   8,0 s

4 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇬🇧 Caliban Changed Stats

  1. Again, what they need to do to fix it is so simple, just make it 1 shell only, 90 degrees gun arc lock (for balance sake) like fv4005, 25s reload, with ap being main (nerf to 260mm) and hesh 210mm as premium, 3.4s aim time 0.42 accuracy, and set it as premium td instead of heavy tank, and they can sell it as mini fv183 in tier 8. I’m literally suggesting them how to turn this into their gold mine at this point lol

    1. My issue with it is them trying to push it as an autoreloader, means it gets the shittiest stats physically possible cause “it can clip someone”. Just give it a semi low pen standard round, a lower than average pen heat round for premium, and the higher pen HE since that’s the selling point of the tank, remove the autoloader or reloaded or whatever it’s got and fix the gun stats, limiting the turret traverse angles is a neat idea thou, make pubbies think about what they’re doing instead of just rolling their face on the keyboard.

  2. I’m angry I won’t be able to get that juicy 15% camo bonus thanks to it not being a tank destroyer…
    I think they need to make it a TD, make its turret restricted once again, increase the camo values some, and increase the accuracy to .39, and worsen the movement dispersion to compensate for the better accuracy, then slightly better the aim time, maybe.

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