20 thoughts on “WoT – Crew 2.0. Sandbox. Second Iteration

  1. The playerbase sees the MM, p2w t8s, broken t10s, ebrs, artillery as a problemic but WG sees it as a way to squeeze out money, by making players shoot gold, buy premium accounts, battle passes, pay real money for broken t8s to stay competitive.

    Understand that these people at WG will not change, and the paypigs who continue to throw money on them, will not convince WG to fix any of the aforementioned problems.

    WG only cares only about money, that’s why I left years ago. They act like incompetent idiots who do researches and tests all the time but all they can come up is new premium tanks, HE shells rework and now some bs crew 2 which no one asked for.

    Again saying it, WG will not change and they purposely do not touch the MM and other aspects of the game, because it brings them money.

    1. I like how you stopped playing the game (probably cause you’re shit) and yet you still bitch about it.

  2. At least 60 point crew will needed. My head is really sick already. If i want to competitive, It will be Hard Grinding….. of course, there is a easy way and wg want makd money from that easy way.

  3. I don’t know why everybody is so upset. This 2nd iteration is SO much better than first iteration. Also the ridiculously OP skills are gone.
    Think about the positives: You can train a crew to 3 Tanks. 🙂

    1. I just hope that they keep working on some of the useless stuff and make them more effective so there’s a reason to go for them, as well as increase the point limit to 100, besides that I like it so far.

    2. I agree that the game needs a change, and that the current skill system is boring and outdated. And yes, it would be very convenient to use 3 tanks as a one crew team. Especially for each crew, there’s no need to worry about a second job!

      But I think many talents are too powerful in this test as well. The new system is interesting enough already. if wg going to cut down a few numbers, I think it’ll be still interesting enough.

      And to put it another way, the instructor is also a problem. Except for the weakest instructor of 2×4=8, valuable or unique instructors give +10 points(5+5 or 10). Then the total skill points will be 80+10=90. This allows you to use “three powerful talent skills”(30+30+30), not two.(There may be differences in talent skills depending on the skill bonus provided by the instructor, but it is unconditionally beneficial because all talent skills are powerful) I mean… I mean… It’s nice to be new and interesting, but building p2w walls higher isn’t what everyone wants.

      The video doesn’t say this “three talent skill advantage” separately. also homepage doesn’t say that you can learn 3 talents using the slot system if you use a valuable or unique instructor.

      Again, the performance of talent skill is too good. I think it’s very disadvantageous if the number of talents skill is not enough compare to other players. if someone want to competitive, they must purchase every time WG sells the instructor package in the store. And we need to nurture the basic crew up to 80 points… and this needs a lot of time. be hoenst, I’m stupid cash Cow, who brings money to WG pretty well, but this new crew? it’s looks so tiring. And of course the price will be expensive.

      1. Honestly I’m all for them just removing the instructor thing and making them be just special commanders that start with points in a skill for free like it is now.

      2. Oh, damn it, I got it wrong. Fortunately, this instructor’s bonus skill score is not included in the skill points for releasing talent skills. I’m glad to see that’s a relief.

    1. Look man, I agree with you, but please keep it more civilized. I don’t want to censor stuff, let alone delete comments, but I will if I see shit like this.

  4. Instructors were one of the most stupid concepts from the first iteration and yet here they are in the latest version of Poo 2.0. I want my unique commanders to remain commanders not become illogical and immersion-breaking instructors.

    1. So true. I also need my Santa Claus, Homelander, Chuck Norris and Pumpkin Scarecrow Commanders to keep things immersive.

      1. Yeah man,, didn’t you know, Santa fought in ww2 against the German maus tanks in his object 140 along side a 113 crewed entirely by women.

        1. I get it, you don’t like “non-historical” content. Great, don’t use it. Also the Soviet Union used women in combat roles during WWII and Chuck Norris was in the military, Air Police, which is essentially USAF’s marines and they do operate a certain number of light armored vehicles.

  5. I have a crew with Santa Claus as commander and 4 Snow Maidens as crew …

    How will it work?

    1. You get a generic commander and your unique commander+crew are moved to a hidden tab called “instructors” where they provide some crew bonuses. It’s one of the stupidest features of Crew 2.0. Unique commanders should be allowed to remain commanders and at the very least changing “instructors” to “crew” would make sense because tanks are not crewed by 1 person and if you’re driving a tank in combat that kind of implies you graduated from basic training already. The WOT devs seem to be trying every bad idea they can come up with lately.

  6. Looked at like/ dislike ratio on this video, than at the one from WoT russia. Clearly, more likes than dislikes. It seems that WG does not give a flying fuck about any region besides Russia.

  7. All the kids in panick.. changes/scary.. lol
    This is a good thing, a fresh thing, having 3 tanks on 1 crew is the best deal for this game ever.

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