10 thoughts on “WoT – Frontline 2021: New Opportunities

  1. As anyone who has played this mode often will know, the t9 limit will be lifted soon at the beginning of the game. This is usually because one or two attack team lines quickly occupy base 2. Unlike Wg’s words, it’s not the middle or late of the battle.

    Maybe wg wants to cut back on credit gains in frontline mode. No matter how powerful the t8 premium tank is, it’s not easy to deal with the maximum upgraded t9. So almost every people will play t9 mostly. Yes, t8 prem is make more credits, but for the competitive gameplay, i don’t think we have no options…

    And mighty concept 1b or mighty kamppanzer 50t? Good luck guys.

    1. Hello, First of all introduction of tier 9 tanks once attackers occupy any 1 zone (because mostly they will and had in past – attackers win also almost certainly, defenders are at disadvantage). Then tier 9 tanks, reward tier 9 tanks can withstand the attackers force, because the HP will be larger in system at that point and tier 9 is superior than tier 8 and tier 8 premium. Tier 9 armour is better than tier 9. Skorpion G/Su 100 P?etc cant snipe tier 9 turret at distance which they easily do against tier 8 tech tree and premium tanks. Also, at the same time, tier 9 can make some profits in credits and gain some XP which will make people get tier 10’s easily.

      Wargaming idea behind implementing tier 9’s in Frontline is great. More people will get tier 10’s and when they play tier 10 in normal mode, more silver will be used up.

      That’s my opinion.

      1. I meant premium tanks tier 9 salable for money, with credits and exp bonuses like in tier 8 prems… When you think about it… they are goin to test it, the reactions of players on this “new” frontline mode. They even didnt tried to supertest this change as they would fear the negat reactions, I think. Tier 9 prems will come, whoever protests or cries, WG doesnt care… Maybe some day, if this game survives, there will be tier 10 prems…

        1. I suspect you may indeed be right fella. Is it my imagination or do the newer tier 8 prems make a lot less money than the old ones?

          1. Cant really answer that tbh, but im making decent 60-70k with my cs-52 lis, so around 50k per battle won. What i do noticed is that certain premium tanks do have a better creditmodifier than others.

            But are they making less than my older premiums? I dont know tbh. i would have to test that.

          2. In the past (like some 5-6 years) I remember people said Lowe and maybe type 59 were makin more credits then others… My subjective feelin is that indeed newer prems earn some little less credits… As i wrote some week or 2 before, there should make someone some research of this… There must be some credits modifier for each tank…

            1. You no need research. Type 59 has better multiplier. Is a know thing. You dick wad. Learn play.

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