7 thoughts on “WoT – Battle Pass Season V: Progressive Styles and Other Rewards

  1. The 3d styles are respectable but a little basic. They should make fans of “historical” camos happy but I’m noticing that these progressive styles don’t have the detail and distinctiveness of the single-configuration 3d styles we used to get. I do feel like you should be able to choose which level you want to display, for instance if you earn all 3 levels you should still be able to choose level 1 or level 2 if you want.

    Yay bounty equipment for F2P players!!! I do feel like they made a mistake last season and they should give 1 free bounty equipment to every standard pass player who finished all 3 chapters. I’m looking forward to putting bounty improved aiming on my IS-2B. 🙂 WG has been making a lot of bad choices lately, since they fixed this problem maybe that means they’ll correct some other mistakes they’re making.

    The commanders look great! Katarzyna is going in my CS-52 LIS and I’ll probably grind out the CS-63 for her.

      1. It won’t let you recruit for just any tank. I don’t know the criteria but in my case I haven’t researched any of the Polish mediums, I can only recruit for the Pudel, Rudy and CS-52 LIS. Of those I only own the CS-52.

  2. 3 months = 76 days at WG. Hopes this will get extended as previous one …
    Otherwise, 98 pts to get per day, previous BP was 74 pts / day. Hopes the increased points + new ways to get points will compensate.
    Seems more grinding to me though.
    Will we ever get something that is less greedy by WG once ?

    1. It will depend on your playing habits.
      You need 98+ points each day, and 70 can be farmed from the 4 daily missions. In order to complete these 4 missions you will easily farm the points from 70-98 and most likely even more.

      Previously you had 100 days of time, but could only get 32 points from the missions.
      So you get more than twice the points the same work. (+ a bit extra work for that 4th mission that can be pretty annoying sometimes).
      So grinding will be not really hard i’d say. 10-15 battles every day maybe.

      But there is a big catch: Previously you could miss one day or two without a problem, and just farm the “lost” 32 points with a few games extra. If you miss a day (or maybe even a week due to vacation or something, its summer after all), then making up for it with grind will be a lot more work.

      So if you can play every day without exception, it will be super easy. Easier than before.
      If you only play on the weekends? Pretty hard i’d say.

  3. So, Katarzyna’s backstory makes it sound like her family ate their horse….

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