Supertest: 🇺🇸 ASTRON Rex 105 mm – Changed Stats

ASTRON Rex 105 mm. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Engine: 420 hp   450 hp
Power-to-weight: 13,55 hp / t   14,52 hp / t
Max speed / Reverse speed: 45 / -30 km / h   52 / -30 km / h

Gun: 105 mm T254A

Depression / Elevation: -9 ° / +15 °   -10 ° / +15 °

Shell speed:

  • AP: 872 m / s   945 m / s
  • APCR: 1 075 m / s   1 181 m / s
  • HE: 872 m / s   945 m / s

Aim spread:

  • At the maximum vehicle speed: 8,10   9,36.

12 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇺🇸 ASTRON Rex 105 mm – Changed Stats

  1. 52km/h and 14.52hp/t takes the mobility into the playable range, depending on how it goes into the game this may be a decent vehicle. 945m/s will hit much more reliable than the initial stat, as well. Some having been comparing this tank to the Bourrasque just because it has an autoloader but I think it’ll play more like a weird American STA-1.

    1. STA has the DPM and accuracy to be a threat at any range. The Astron on the other hand seems more like the BC 25t – huge clip potential but the gun behaves like a donkey to compensate.

      1. I see your point. The reason why I think it’ll be like a STA-1 is because due to the long intra clip reload you’ll have to land multiple hits over time either from concealment, playing peek-a-boo or straight up trading and it’s relatively slow. It’s definitely not a fast attack vehicle that can show up out of nowhere to assassinate an injured tank and then disappear. The A-Rex does have better armor than the STA, especially the turret. It’ll be interesting to see how good it’s front plate is.

        1. It’ll be interesting to see how good it’s front plate is.

          Probably thin, but it’s very sloped so I expect it to work with autobounce mechanics, also given the tank’s good gun depression.

          And then the usual whiners will cry that it has a big cupola so the frontal armor is useless, as usual with American tanks.

  2. Not a meaningful change. 1600 damage in 18 sec, and 185 pen. Fix these or still shit.

    1. The only tank with a larger burst damage in Tier 8, techtree or premium, is the AMX 50 100, and the Astron not only has better speed (only slightly forward, massively backwards) and armor (AMX has none, Astron has a good turret and probably an autobounce upper plate), it’s also a MEDIUM TANK so it’s does not weigh on the team as much as the AMX does.

  3. I like the changes but 185mm pen c’mon?? I’m guessing this is a tier 8 with that pen?

  4. Nothing ever gets past super testing. So pointless to debate.
    WG typical practice to string you all along with hopefuls that never appear

  5. T254 is the test designation for the M68 ie the US version of the L7. So a very downgraded version for tier 8

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