27 thoughts on “WoT – Sandbox 2021: Field Modification

  1. I see with my little pretty eyes a new way to RIG EVEN MORE the game and RETRIEVE MORE MONEY from its unskilled dumb players…
    “tweak your favourite tank to adjust it even more to your playstyle…”
    FK OFF

  2. Egh, at first I thought its a blatant cash grab, but the cost isn’t too bad(at least based on the vid) and they include equal distribution of negatives.

    Though again this shit is based on percentages, so increasing a higher stat will result in more net benefit, so the entire thing will become just like the equipment with the same shit running on 90% of the tanks.

  3. The alternate ammo loadout for tanks with a small amount of ammo is nice, though.

  4. WG: ever felt your tank is slow?
    player: yes
    WG: We will make it faster
    player: 🙂
    also player: why am I reloading so long now?

  5. At first it looks promising but then again only available for tier VI to X and only tier 10 can use all slots. Also the standardbonus you get (hp for heavy tanks, mobility for mediums etc.) is bringing you into a pretty heafty disadvantage if you dont want to grind the tanks xp again.

    1. Now that I think about it, it will further make 8’s worse than 10’s because the unlock feature rewards 10’s more. Wargaming truly is a retarded company…

    1. Yeap seems like WG focus in this things, instead of fix problems like bad maps, remove Mines from tier 8 to 10, 1 more map to block, Fix Empire border and pearl river

  6. It will be useless for the most tanks. Buff a thing to nerf another thing. An extra equipment would be better.

      1. Oh, someone is triggered for whatever reason , that i don’t understand 😀

        1. Don’t mind him. Daddy got him the wrong cereals, now he is grumpy. 😀 He will grow up someday.

    1. Extra equipment slot would just increase power creep. Customizing tank stats instead of making them flat out better is the correct approach. I love this move from WG, this is basically like end game content but without breaking the game like crew 2.0 would have. It is human nature to stop caring when there is nothing to shoot for. If there is no new content then the game will just die faster. This will effectively give the veteran players a new goal to grind for to keep them interested. Some tweaks will be necessary but I’m looking forward to these changes (unlike the horrible HE changes about to hit the live server).

      1. I don’t know man, they introduced this new equipment because “diversity” , but on almost all my tanks it is not viable to change my rammer-vents/optics-vstab setup. I would love to have one extra slot for something else, and i would love to have even more diversity on equipment, than we have right now and I don’t see how can a new equipment slot will increase the power creep, if all the tanks can have it. Anyway , for me this proposed changes are MEH and not worth it , and i don’t think i will use this. Maybe on a few tanks, who knows. But i wonder how much xp you have to grind, to unlock those things 🙂

  7. Wish they would stop this nonsense.
    If it was up to me, I’d removed food, improved equipment. When you can max out view range in a god damned ebr, something is broken.

    1. And what about that other tanks that can’t have the full view range without food? Just because a tank is broken you want to nerf the rest that aren’t broken? Anyway, ebr’s HE is getting nerfed , especially the tier 10 one, so it is a step in the right direction 🙂

      1. I think EBR concept in wot is broken.
        They should work more like a regular light thats it. More view range, less mobility, less stupid magic turns, not broken HE, 90mm with good dpm at tier X and not a broken 105mm.

        They should have the Top Speed advantage but not the stupid turns in 180 degres like they have.

        With this changes they could have more like 370 or 380 view range for the tier X and will not be broken at all. I still think that even with that changes they should keep the limit in not using binos for a balance reason

        Besides wheels in bad terrains does not work like that in reality thats why tracks are better for bad terrains (wot seems to not care about this)

  8. they should cancel it, its crap, game broking, unbalancing, dead if implemented, everybody that is not pay2win will have everything to lose

  9. There are more negatives the plus in the things you equip too I mean 5% increased traverse speed and then you pay with 10% track durability and 15% speed loss when turning or accelerating. So for +5% you have to pay with -25%……..

  10. Maps are already too small for equipment 2.0 now these buffs then crew 2.0. wot have lost their brain

  11. Can you earn any more points on it after the first two days missions? As they dont seem to be showing up in battle reports.

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