5 thoughts on “IS-2: When 85mm is not enough

  1. Excellent video. I highly recommend it. It’s very interesting how there are so many details in developing a tank. It’s not just about putting in an engine, armor and a gun…

  2. Love the video. When you talk about tanks, a strong German accent is a must to make you sound credible XD.
    But seriously, good video. Makes me wish that people with such dedication would also be working on WoT, and that playing the historical low tier tanks in WoT would be more enjoyable as it was in the early days.

  3. The content of the whole channel is awesome. Some quality info there!

    But I just can’t get over this guys accent. It’s so unpleasant to listen to his speech that it makes me physically uncomfortable, so I’ve had to give up on it. And not once, but several times. I keep coming back every now and then to this channel, in hopes that guy might improved his speech , but no luck so far. Shame, really.

    1. What do you expect? Not everyone can speak English perfectly. Pretty entitled take you got there. Jeez

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