Supertest: 🇨🇿 Vz. 55 – Changed Stats Vz. 55. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Cyclic gun: 130 mm vs. 54

Rate of fire: 5,35   5,59 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 621  2 738
Damage per minute with HE ammunition: 3 423   3 576
Reload time: 11,22 s   10,74 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,35   0,34
Aiming time: 2,30 s   2,21 s

9 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇨🇿 Vz. 55 – Changed Stats

  1. Hmm… interesting… it must have shitty armor in my opinion… i know its just supertest. Will see at the end what WG decides…

  2. This is getting dangerously close to medium gun handling and dpm but with high alpha in a heavy tank? It better have either really sh!tty armor or dispersion on the move to rival the Rhino…

    1. The Super Conqueror has 400 alpha, 2877dpm, 1.92 aim time and .32 accuracy. The T110E5 has 400 alpha, 2844dpm, 1.92 aim time and .34 accuracy. Both these tanks have good armor and good dispersion while moving. Unless you just want to make sure only tier X reward vehicles are competitive I don’t see anything to suggest the Vz. 55 needs a nerf.

      1. 400 and 490 is a huge difference my friend. Compare it to the 5A which has the best gun out of the 490 alpha tanks in the tech tree so far and the VZ is so much better on all fronts in that regard…

        1. Yes, 490 is appreciably more than 400 but IMO both are still strong. It does appear that the VZ. 55 has a substantially thinner hull, 115 frontal and 90mm sides versus 140mm frontal and 120mm sides on the WZ 111 5A. The sides of the turret are 30mm thinner on the VZ. as well. The WZ gets 250mm of pen on its standard rounds, 340mm on premium vs 260mm standard and 306 premium on the VZ which means the VZ will struggle more against the 279E than the WZ will.

          It does appear the VZ. 55 is supposed to be another fast heavy with strong turret(at least frontally) and a weak hull that can probably still work ok if you’re careful about angling. I do hope it and the tier 8 premium are strong enough to be reasonably competitive for a F2P player and it looks like they might be but I’m still not seeing anything that scares me too much re: power creep, there are much more powerful vehicles already in the game and in reach of anyone who plays at an average to slightly above average level.

          1. Sure it probably has a worse hull than the 5A and the 5A’s hull is nothing to write home about either, however, half of the VZ’s side turret is protected with spaced armor so its effective turret armor should be similar and even better against HEAT. Whether it is power-creep or not, hard to say with limited info right now but with regards to purely the gun on a heavy tank, it is definitely power creep.

            And I agree the new tank should be competitive and I plan on grinding the line regardless since I always buy the new autoloading heavies. However, I’d rather play an interesting competitive tank than an OP meta generic one.

              1. Exactly, I just don’t see how it could be so bad that they have to keep buffing it with 8 degrees of gun depression, a decent turret and the best 490 alpha gun in the game (on a tech tree heavy).

                1. They’re buffing it to be V-I-A-B-L-E with the meta, my guy.
                  Unlike a certain dead Italian tech tree line, my guy.

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