18 thoughts on “WoT – World of Tanks meets Girls und Panzer

    1. ^this

      Finally a good reason I’d be willing to spend actual money on WoT content <3

      Panzer vor!

    1. dude, i don’t understand you, from all the things that wg did, you complain about THIS !? who cares?

  1. Thank you WG for introducing such an easy way to ID these cringeworthy anime weebs, so I can put all these mid-30 virgins on my ignore list easily, seperating the humans from the weebs. :top:

  2. Weeboo collaboration… Well, we already have a ridiculous 2d, 3d style. So there is no reason to argue with “historical” problem.

    I was surprised that this collaboration was done on every server.(not only asia) Perhaps the other server will soon be able to get the Valkuria Collaboration tanks on there server too.

    If the collaboration sells well, we’ll probably soon be able to find other characters with voice recordings. Darjeeling… I look forward to it 🥰

  3. Only pedos would see pedophilia in these cartoons.
    I’m over 60 and not a virgin.
    It’s the only anime I’ve seen, other than Akira, and I liked it. Looking forward to this addition to the game.

  4. @Admin
    are certain words banned that would call out certain hatred fueled comments?
    What a joke.
    €: apperently they are.
    I dont get it why words like “h0m0ph0bic” or “r4c!sts” or “4nti-Sem!t!c” are banned when you have people in this comment section doing just THIS.
    I get it, you rely on this human PoS that are banned on the official Forums, but dont giving a shit about it just makes you a complicity.

    1. l4rkin1 if you want to make racist comments then go away you piece of shit!

      1. I dont think you understand english. That comment was targeted against racism. But then again; judging from your Name and how you talk you feel threatend to be called out a racist(and h0mophob).

  5. Soo much piece of human s*it here for an anime tank lol

    Break the MM on lower tiers?
    No, it´s just a PZ IV with 7,5cm gun. PZ IV/V, Lefh and KV-220-2 are more toxic, even T67, KV1 and derp medium tanks are way powerful than this
    Add a new mechanic or modify any existence feature of the game?
    Nope, this thing don´t have any other special thing than have special crew voices and special skin
    This destroy the “historical” accuracy of the game?
    Lol no, the “historical” accuracy are destroyed in the momment they pull non used guns on tanks like the Panther, Ferdinand, Jagd Tiger, or makes variants for 2 TD and 1 HT of a full focused HT proyect (T110) and invent whole tech trees around that, like China TD, or almost any polish tank above T6.

    I don´t know, but i´m only see much people calling the P word to anybody for no reason and when nobody asked for that, maybe your own problems are bigger than a marketing move of a PC game.

    And moderators, just like says the comment above me, let some people spread some huge hate, are part of this sh*tshow. Do something like close the thread or delete/ban of some people like that for don´t make more toxicity.

  6. these comments are a classic example of “average WoT-fan” vs. “average Girls und Panzer-enjoyer”

  7. What is this POS anime annoying team ?
    I hope it will not see teh live server.
    We don’t need this crap in WOT. Most annoying crew, ever.

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