Supertest: Т-34 Model 1940 and AltProto AMX 30

We have two vehicles that will soon head to the Supertest:

  • Tier VIII French AltProto AMX 30 medium tank
  • Tier IV Soviet T-34 mod. 1940 medium tank

The French vehicle features similar gameplay to the Tier IX and X Collectors’ vehicles. This is a fast, mobile support tank equipped with a 100 mm gun. It has an accuracy of 0.38 and an aiming time of 2.7 s. Its reload speed is 10 s. It penetrates 232 mm of armour with a standard Armor-Piercing shell and 263 mm of armour with its special APCR shell with damage per shot: 300 HP. Take note of the 11 degrees of gun depression.

Regarding survivability, the tank should rely on its dynamics rather than protection. The thickness of its frontal turret armour reaches 150 mm, not to mention the massive gun mantlet. As for the vehicle’s mobility, it has a top speed of 55 km/h, while its specific power is 24.3 h.p./t. Durability: 1,250 HP.

Additional Statistics
  • Turret Traverse Speed – 38°/s
  • Terrain crossing capacity – 1, 1.1, 2.1
  • Dispersion factor hull traverse / hull movement – 0.18
  • Dispersion factor turret rotation – 0.2
  • Shell velocity: 1000, 1250, 1000

The second vehicle is a classic T-34 equipped with the L-11 gun. Players know this tank very well, but its main feature is that it belongs to Tier IV. As for everything else, the vehicle does not differ much from its researchable counterpart. It features a well-balanced mix of mobility and firepower, which allows it to fight against any opponent efficiently.

Additional Statistics
  • Turret Traverse Speed – 40°/s
  • Terrain crossing capacity – 1.1, 1.3, 2.3
  • Dispersion factor hull traverse / hull movement – 0.22
  • Dispersion factor turret rotation – 0.16
  • Shell velocity: 612, 700, 612

10 thoughts on “Supertest: Т-34 Model 1940 and AltProto AMX 30

  1. That French tank makes one wonder whether a revised version of the old AMX 30 branch is going back in the tech tree.

    1. I do not believe that. This will probably just be another prem or reward vehicle. And of course totally fake again as far as I know. If I’m wrong, please tell me. I am sick of all these fantasy tanks. WG could better use their time for worthwile existing tanks like a Swiss or Hungarian tree. Lots of possibilities there. Or Italian and Japanese TD’s.

      I love that T-34 though. I know not many play low tiers but I will definitely get me that one 😉

      1. it is unrealistic to believe that AMX only developed 1 design for the AMX-30
        I remember it clearly that players/fans doing research locally complained/revealed that it was not easy due to the lack of access to prime information sources
        however the renewed interest in French armor development has allowed for things such as the Char Futur 4 or the AMX Cannon d/Assault to surface when in the past almost no one knew about their existence
        but we don’t even need to dive as far as the 70’s and 80’s, even in the 40’s we had the Bat Chat 12t and FCM 12t that competed with AMX for the program that selected the AMX-13, all 3 companies presented a working prototype but almost no one even knew about/ paid attention to the other 2 until the Bat Chat 12t was added in 2 forms in WoT (Bat Chat 12t LT and Bat Chat Bourrasque MT)
        with that I am not claiming the Alt AMX-30 is real but simply that we should not claim it being fake without further details

    2. would be cool if we could choose any configuration for a TT vehicle and give it premium status, with the tier being calculated based on the vehicle’s combat efficiency.
      … instead of WG copy/pasting one premium tonk after the other.

      1. yep, similar to what blitz does. I really would like a 15 cm prem borsig, a stealthier td with a turret, better than the 152k

  2. That AMX 30 thingy looks pretty bad. The 100mm SA46 is very good for Tier 8, but not counting alpha, penetration and gun depression all other stats are crap. At least the tank is fast, so maybe a fat LT if it has good enough cammo?

    Not sure what the point of the T-34 is, gift tank?

  3. WarGaming typically don’t sell new tier IV tanks. I wonder how it will become available.

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