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    1. That would be nice. From what I understand the AMX-30 used a special type of HEAT round that was quite effective. Maybe they could introduce something like or modify the current HEAT rounds to make them more unique and powerful.

      1. Its penetration was really good–but that’s not why it was so effective. HEAT fuses won’t activate on very high slopes. The AMX-30’s HEAT fuse would trigger at these really high angles, so it could defeat the protection of the day.

        If the fuse doesn’t activate and the round just crashes into the armor, even an 80mm plate could defeat a HEAT round, obviously. That’s why so many of this era of tanks have the extremely high slope hull armor and thick turret combo.

        Sadly, these fusing angles are something like 60 degrees for normal HEAT rounds and the AMX-30’s was something like 70, but the in-game HEAT already fuse on an 85 degree angle, which is what modern HEAT rounds are (barely; not all of them can) capable of.

      2. rifled cannons make the projectile spin to increase accuracy and it works for kinetic energy projectiles (AP, APCR, APDS, APFSDS) but for HEAT, HE and HESH it actually reduces effectiveness (related to the fuse), that is why the French developed a HEAT round that counters the spin induced by the rifling of the barrel

        what they did was basically creating a Matryoshka (those sets of “dolls” that all fit one inside the other) version of a HEAT projectile, on it’s core is a HEAT warhead that remains motionless while the outside layer spins freely



      3. They can introduce what they want because the ballistic in this game it’s pure fake.

    1. Honestly it’s not too bad, and considering the actual amx30 proto is the tier 9 amx with the stock turret, this thing ends up seeming more interesting

  1. well most of the heat ammo fired in WoT is totally none representative of how powerfull it actually was. The AMX 30B had HEAT with 400MM pen and APFSDS rounds with 360mm pen

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