9 thoughts on “🇨🇳 114 SP2 In-Game Pictures

  1. Has it been revealed how it’s gonna be put in to the game? Frontline reward perhaps?

    1. Yeah, I think so, too. Quite boxy, but cool nonetheless. Let’s not fool ourselves, though – huge size, lots of flat surfaces, mediocre armour … this thing will probably be an XP piñata on Tier X.

  2. It looks like the Type 5 got a bit too drunk and had an illegitimate child while on vacation in Shanghai.

  3. Looks really cool, I’d love it if they removed that bland as hell WZ-113G FT and put this in its place but knowing WG…

  4. looks like a ISU with a turret. If they are keeping the 850 alpha and the gun handling is 152 levels, I might try to get it, somehow

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