3 thoughts on “WoT – Love is a battlefield! A World of Tanks Valentine’s Day Poem

  1. Transcript of actual Wargaming marketing team meeting:
    “- Comrades, we need a way to milk our brainless cash cows…
    – “Paying customers” you mean?
    – Yes, yes, comrade, that’s exactly what i said – brainless cash cows. We need to milk them on Valentine’s day. Any ideas?
    – I propose to sell overpriced new style that can be put only on one tank. We don’t even have to put a lot of effort into it. Just slap some drapes, draw some primitive nonsense and they fill fight each other for it.
    – But comrades, so far we were not able to hire a single 3D modeller who knows about clipping (evidence #1: https://static-pss-eu.wgcdn.co/shop/media/items/item_gallery/03/6b/036b65108d3a46aaa9c786f3010caf4b.jpg). I’m beginning to think that people with such particular superpower do not exist in this Solar system.
    – It doesn’t matter, comrades. They are just stupid cash cows. We will charge 14,5 euro for this poor excuse of a product and will be swimming in cash by Monday. We always get away with BS like this.
    – Sounds like a solid plan. Get cracking, comrades.”

  2. Decribed as if I was witnessing it myself

    Also I remember them giving those little shitters for free years ago. Now you have to sit in twitch for an hour to get a “chance” to obtain them

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