Lunar Challenge: 3D “Special Guest” Style for the 🇨🇳 122 TM Pictures

Style treated as a non-historical, valued at 3,000 gold.

There is a weakly burning candle on the base of the cannon.

– “Here he is – the pearl of our parade. He had spent a lot of time under the tarpaulin, but finally it’s time to shine. What better to guide the column than this gem? Cleaned of dust and rust, it will play the first fiddle. Now it’s a decoration, status symbol, and special guest. Imagine it: a majestic beast rolling down a wide avenue, firing fireworks. Behind her, a marching formation of soldiers. And more soldiers. And then… The drums set the beat, followed by vehicles, vehicles and even more vehicles. And the joyful crowd stands along the avenue and laughs. I’m so glad we’ve been using these tanks for so many years only on special occasions. You don’t need to use them in any other way anymore, just to cheer people up at parades. Maybe that’s the best way to use them. “

25 thoughts on “Lunar Challenge: 3D “Special Guest” Style for the 🇨🇳 122 TM Pictures

  1. WTF is this ? please WG leave this shit on console. That’s a disgusting camo style

  2. And here I was wondering which of my many styles to use on 122TM once I get it…

    Sorry WG, I have no issues with your styles being flashy, but this is a bit too much even for me. Why not make a gold dragon-themed one like Type 59G? 🙁

    1. It’s the year of the Ox.
      They made an Ox themed 3D style.

      That’s why.

      That being said I also think it’s a bit… too much.
      Yikes it’s hideous. Not to discredit the 3D artist/guy/miss who made the style.
      Personal taste tho.

  3. This must be the worst looking skin they have made yet! Wargaming vomit on tank and release as new skin.

  4. We have a word in our country… cocalar tank. But hey I bet a large number of users will use this… shit? Anyway is a good tactic, WG release this and everyone will talk about this hideous shit and forget about HE rework and premium ammo from “HE test server” where the real test is about premium ammo use when he will fail.

  5. Very suiting camouflage for the current state of the game. Absolute clown mode. There’s so much other stuff to fix in the game but the WG clowns work on making clown 3D skins. I sincerely hope that more and more players, especially veterans start realizing that WG sees them only as cash cows and those players start leaving this “spend real money to stay competitive” trash game.

    1. why do you have to spend real money to stay competitive? im honestly curious how much more bullshit can you make up

  6. Might not be the most popular style out there because of personal tastes, but I love it. This is why WG’s art department should have a much higher pay than the balancing department, where minimum wage is just fine.

  7. What if we used the labor cost and time spent developing this style to develop other styles?

    Yes, I know. In addition to players who only want realistic military mania styles, there are players who want cheerful styles.

    So wg, Is this funny style more profitable? Therefore wg keep making funny style? Profit data is answer? I would be sad if this kind of style continues to be released.

    I’m worried. Styles are purchased to be a show to others. For the loyal customers who pay to show off their funny 3d style, the ‘historical style only’ option is can be disappear through the wg.

    if the option “Show only historical style” disappears from the game, I’ll give up hundreds of dollars invested in wot.

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