7 thoughts on “WoT – HE Shells Rebalance. Sandbox 2021

  1. how about they buff HE shells giving it the ability to penetrate obstacles in order to nerf ebrs & instead focus on reworking gold ammo? net! gotta bring them munies boi

    1. Should watch the video because they’ve literally given HE shells the ability to penetrate the solid wheels of EBRs so that they can hit the hulls on on the other side.

      Also the gold round changes have basically been cancelled. The economy of the game partially relies on gold rounds for WG to make money and keep the game running that you get to play for free. You and many others simply need to accept the fact that they’re never going to be nerfed and that they’re a necessary evil.

      1. They aren’t a necessary evil though are they? It’s game design aligned with greed. There are plenty of other (far more successful) F2P titles that somehow, mysteriously, manage to cram their ecosystem full of skins, battle passes and other paraphernalia without breaking the game experience and make a lot of money in doing so.

        Imagine Call of Duty Warzone or Counterstrike with ‘gold bullets’.

        Gotta be Stockholm syndrome by this point.

        1. Imagine comparing CoD Warzone (which finance itself through it’s tripple A base game) and CS (which isnt f2p in the first place) with WoT.

          Gotta be down syndrome by this point.

          Seriously though,comparing WoT with CSGO or Warzone? I know you will valiantly deny that WoT has content but the fact is that it has. CSGO or Warzone just running for themself and sooner (warzone) or later (csgo) will burn out and make place for another game.
          WoT is here since 10 years and no other tank game comes even close in terms of player numbers paired with the lifespan. And WoT developed somewhat in those 10 years and got a ton of content is still getting new content every other week/month.

          and regarding the topic: the fact that WG uses sandbox servers to look into matters together with the community just shits on your “stockholm syndrom”. And if the community dont like a feature then they probably wont add it (example sandbox from last year). So next time maybe think before making yourself ridiculous.

          1. Top rant but you do not address the point being made.

            Warzone, like Fortnite does not provide an opportunity for paid for players to have a wholly unfair advantage against newbie F2P. That might be a helpful idea for WoT’s long term future going forwards? Given the player base is in decline, at least outside of Russia. Or will you valiantly deny this? Talking of budgets will you also valiantly deny that Wargaming is not a little studio with some interesting taxation practices in Cyprus nowadays?

            Counterstrike was a free modification of a popular game, if you’re going to go back further. It’s far, far older than WoT.
            That it has changed it’s moneytization policies to stay not only relevant but wildly popular is testament to it’s longevity and It does all of this despite not allowing for a crap and exploitatve game mechanic that favours some players over others. Perhaps Wargaming could learn from this going forwards?
            Taking this idea further, imagine game modification tools and map editors for the WoT playerbase? It would enage the community and spawn some fun and interesting modes that would draw more players in or keep more from dropping out, something I wish Wargaming would take note of instead of just implementing U.I mods (that have been around for years and years) once in a blue moon.

            But alas no, Wargaming can do no wrong! Their games popularity IS on the wane and as a fan it’s frustrating to watch them make bad decision after bad decision despite constant sandbox testing, as you mention, that has somehow allows nonsense like EBR’s and inpenetrable hull down (Soviet) rubbish into the game time after time despite warnings from the playerbase that their inclusion would be detrimental to the game.

            (Down’s syndrome indeed!)

  2. There is no gold ammo anymore and premium ammo is easily available for any f2p player to use. HE with no splash damage is a ridiculous idea. All this screaming for nerfed premium rounds and HE rounds is just players wishing their tank’s armor was more op.

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