3 thoughts on “WoWS – Armada: Fen Yang

    1. If you bothered to check, there’s a full list of what the loot crates can give, and the unique camos are separate from the ships.

      If you want both at the same time, WG kindly offers you the inflated bundles for 78€ each.

      By the way, I too have a PanAsian camo but no ship – Irian’s in my case, got it iirc last year.

    2. Having cool camo already should “motivate” You to buy ship even more :-). You don’t want that camo not to be used right? 🙂 Because of your behaviour, camo is just sitting in your storage, isn’t it sad? You are making WG stakeholders sad and so whole world. What kind of person can do such a thing? 😀

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