15 thoughts on “WoT – COMING SOON! Order of War: A New Look at the Game

    1. They also own gas powered games who made supreme commander and thats been stuffed in their basement doing nothing

  1. winning strat : have 7 hull-down tanks (badger, is7, jaegeroo, etc) and camp base for ez win

  2. With the ugly cancer of Crew 2.0 on the horizon, I really have no interest in anything now:

    Grind to play the new Italian HT?
    No (I was interested). Why bother with new crews when WG is going to rape them all in the near future? Then, should I simply move my Italian med crews? No. Cause obviously I like the meds more than the HT even before I try the HT.

    Start the Polish lines cause I have Chuck assigned to be a PL (just can’t bear the polish talking)? No. Again, why start new crews when WG gonna rape them? Even if they are polish, I do care about my crews…

    Keep playing whatever I have in my garage now? Why bother? WG gonna rape all the progression I made now on crews anyway…

    THEREFORE, ask me to join sandbox to help WG figure out how to make this mode properly P2W for Belarus to pay Soviet tax to Putin?


  3. Quick crew is crucial spezshul is on right now, have your last chance to retrain or redirect your crews at a discount, and waste all your gold, before the entire crew 2.0 reboot makes all that a COMPLETE WASTE OF GOLD ANYWAY!!!???.

    I have spent tens of thousands of gold on crew changes in last 10 years….all so i wouldn’t become a burden to any TEAMS i was placed in.

    What did i get for that?. A go fuck yourself.

  4. If this will be separated game, and there will be tanks and everything like wot, but you have your team, i realy like this style of game. But if this will be only game mode for like 1 month, i would be disappointed.

  5. Unsure what bs game mode this is,but sure would be nice to have wot çonsole back minus the convoluted nonsense and stolen crew skills . Want my game back.

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