13 thoughts on “WoT – Holiday Defenders

  1. I was like WOOOOHHH – there will be a fun mode for New Year. Just to realize a few minutes later that this was not a teaser.

  2. Having a war criminal like Chuck Norris for this event is bad for Wargaming

      1. He is an American, a war criminal, his movies are worst American war criminal propaganda. He also serves during Vietnam war. Clear enough for you bi*ch?

          1. I too was eagerly awaiting his reply to see what sort of heinous war crimes Chuck Norris had committed….only to realize his argument was just the rantings and ravings of a deranged retard. Clear and concise haha

        1. haha, you are one funny commie bitch, you know that? well, if you didn’t, now you know 😀

        2. lol…he did serve during Vietnam war…..BUT HE SERVED IN SOUTH KOREA …… guess it takes a lot of effort to be as dumb as you?

        3. If Americans are war criminals, What does that make you, Since you started most of the wars or had a large hand in extending and prolonging them, The very same wars you claim others are at fault for. Ahh when the facts aren’t on your side, Piss and moan and blame everyone else. What about all of the murder your style of “government” caused, forcing it on everyone and when they rejected it, Easier to just Murder Tens of Millions of innocents that aren’t on board and maybe in the future may cause some discomfort. So again why take the chance just kill them. Good thing to be able to have the freedom to express ones self, Right Comrade ?

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