Update 1.11: πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ 122 TM – Changed Stats

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/italy.png 122 TM. Stats with crew at 100%:

Terrain resistance values: 1,4 / 1,7 / 2,5Β Β  1,3 / 1,5 / 2,5

Gun: 120 mm TG

Shell speed:

  • HEAT: 1 271 m / sΒ Β  907 m/s

6 thoughts on “Update 1.11: πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ 122 TM – Changed Stats

  1. But at least EBR,OBJ 703,Progetto 46 and defender are well balanced and dont required any nerf πŸ˜€

    1. The consumer purchases the product based on its performance. That’s why the specifications of a product once released cannot be changed. Recently, wg refunded 3d style of German med for changing the light brightness of searchlight by update after release of products.

      Wg has been paying considerable attention to players’ opinions lately, but too many already existing op tanks and the harsh gaming economy system that provides money to companies will not be able to change.

      1. That’s why the specifications of a product once released cannot be changed.

        Lowe, KV5, Super Pershing, EBR, Type 59, Skorp G, Defender, many many more premium tanks, have entered the chat.

        And don’t tell me the defender doesn’t keep getting adjusted, or explain power creep to me again?.

        1. Super Pershing is better than it’s ever been, what?

          Skorp G hasn’t been changed, AFAIK it still has the large “apparent horsepower” that makes it overly fast, too, which should have been changed

          Lowe has literally never been stronger relative to its peers.

          Type 59, too, is now stronger than T-54 was back in the day.

          Yes, the game is power creeping, but every example but EBR you’ve provided is literally just WG updating old premiums to keep their relative strength, but going overboard to allow for power creep.

        2. Easy to answer. “Prem tank will never get nerf”, but “bad prem tank can get buff”. I agree. I wrong to choose my words but what id like told is a prem tank are not going to nerf. Its a sad situation for who want a pair pvp game environment(like league, cs go). I geuss wg afraid of sue from customers(i heard it happened before)

  2. A little bit more shell velocity nerf and EBR will run faster, than the bullet of 122 TM.

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