Supertest: 🇮🇹 Rinoceronte – Changed Stats Rinoceronte. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Engine: 650 hp   700 hp
Power-to-weight: 14,54 hp / t   15,65 hp / t

Gun: 127 mm OTO Melara Gun

Penetration: 268 / 310 / 127   268 / 325 / 127 mm
Rate of fire: 3,67   3,90 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 798   1 913
Damage per minute with HE shells: 2 349   2 498
One shell reload time: 20,56 / 17,62 / 16,35 s   19,58 / 16,64 / 15,37 s
Complete reload time: 54,53 s   51,59 s (Time between firing the last shell in the magazine and loading a new magazine)

Shell speed:

  • APCR: 1 452 m / s
  • HEAT: 1 061 m / s   756 m/s
  • HE: 1 061 m / s   756 m/s

18 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇮🇹 Rinoceronte – Changed Stats

  1. Damm dat heat speed ……… this must be more broken then the chieftain hull down to be nerfed like this

  2. I like how, since this is not a reward tank, WG is doing their damnedest to balance it (or attempt to, this is what, the fifth round of changes?), whereas I have no doubt very little was done to address the blatant OPness of the stronger reward premiums (KPz 50t, Object 260, Object 907, Object 279e, Chieftain).

    That being said, it would be fun to have a techtree tank similar to the Chieftain available to all players, if only to show our appreciation to the tryhards for the thousands of games they ruined with their overpowered toxic junk. 🙂

    1. I don’t think any tank has EVER been had its stats changed more than 3 times let alone 5 times before its release. I certainly won’t be surprised if we see a 6th round of changes at this rate.

      1. It might be unprecedented, but I do not see it as a bad thing. We have often complained how some tanks have been rushed through testing and were obviously not ready for a live release and yet were released anyway, so the opposite happening (more changes and more testing) seems positive.

        Of course, never say never with WG, they did buff Defender and nerf Super Chaffee at the very last minute after all…

        1. I actually see this as a bad sign. We may find that the concept of this thing is fundamentally flawed, and not amount of balancing really makes it balanced.

          1. That is also possible, and the worst case scenario because no amount of tweaking would fix the tank, which would then be released broken and potentially toxic for the game (and Tier 10 is already plenty toxic as is). I mean, there’s no way WG would say out loud “we fucked up”, pull Rinoceronte, and postpone the line until a suitable substitute is found.

      1. At least, I want it to be far better than a 183mm derp gun… In fact, I liked the “Grille 15-like” stat (atrocious dispersion when moving, but godlike aimtime value)

        1. Current aimtime is 1.96 seconds, and accuracy is .32 and has not been nerfed so far iirc.

          This being a heavy tank, I’d say these numbers are not bad, though forget about taking snapshots since the current dispersion values are egregious (.30 on the move and when traversing the hull, not sure how much when traversing the turret).

          1. Taking only Aimtime and Accuracy on account dos not decide the effectiveness of your gun to be precise. By the way, I despise WG to not put “hidden values” in game, because it results of tons of noob to whine on the forum because the gun with 0.3 is not precise, and it’s a WG’s conspiracy to make their gun a blunderbuss.

            For instance, Grille 15 is 0.27 @ 1.5s (base stat) but have 0.30/0.26/0.40 dispersion values.
            Actually, Rino has .32 @ 2s and 0.30/0.30/0.15. Only T57H has worse on turret dispersion with 0.18 among the TX Heavies (but much better with the rest).

            The fact is it’s not really a problem for a Grille 15 to have these stats, nor a FV4005, because one is a stealthy sniper, the second has to aim as fuck to make it count. In the case of Rinoceronte, it’s very problematic cause you have to be on ridgeline, so you can’t be static.
            Worse, you can’t shotgun like a T57H, because you have neither the intraclip (twice as good), nor the DPM to fail some shots (almost twice as good)…

            In conclusion, this tank is useless as the way it is. You want a fast clipper ? AMX 50B is faster. You want a stronk turret ? Kranvagn is the solution. You want to shotgun your ennemies ? T57H all the way.

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