Update 1.11: 3D Style “Panzer Claus” for 🇩🇪 Pz.Kpfw. VII – More Pictures

Panzer Claus is the brother of the one and only Santa Maus. After his victories over the nefarious Krampusvagn and Evil-100, Santa Maus has gone missing and is nowhere to be found. Panzer Klaus believes this to be the work of the diabolical Dr. Udestein. Although he will stop at nothing in order to find his brother, the question remains: Can Panzer Claus find his brother in time to save Tankmas?

Source: wotclue

5 thoughts on “Update 1.11: 3D Style “Panzer Claus” for 🇩🇪 Pz.Kpfw. VII – More Pictures

  1. I can’t make my mind up – Is this more stupid than ugly, or more ugly than stupid.

    1. Unlike the incredibly realistic Xmas decorations camo from year’s past? It’s for Xmas and it has some additional effort put into it, you know, for Xmas.

  2. Yo, can’t wait for this epic battle between good and evil…aka WG’s legs

    Wonder if this year’s jesusmass boxes (loot/gamble) will use this legendarily epic re-open satanism

    In case they will I’ll personally put a shit-stamp on WG’s effort

    Will go nicely with those 70 investigations in Cyprus 😀

    HINTLER: Santa Maus might be jailed at Cyprus

    1. Over a passport? You do know that the only person who may go to jail is the official who may have been loose with giving the passports out, right? Or in your totalitrian fantasy world, do programmers get locked up for parts of games you don’t like?

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