7 thoughts on “🇨🇳 122 TM In-Game Pictures

    1. I assume you are referring to the cloth wrapped things on the sides

      Those are actually anti-tank rockets/missiles not guns. And yes I agree they kinda look ugly

      The model here is actually WZ-122-1 TL, not TM. The actual TM is WZ-122-2.

      “The development of the ‘three mechanical’ (WZ-122-2) followed the ‘three liquid’ (WZ-122-1) and the names are derived from the technologies used. The term “three-liquid” is used to refer to the three new hydropneumatic technologies on the tank: the suspension, the clutch, and power steering. The term “three-mechanical” is used due to the removal of the hydropneumatic technology from the three elements.”

      But of course, WG doesn’t care to get it correct

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