Update 1.11: 3D “Winter Lotus” style for the 🇯🇵 STB-1 – More Pictures

The style is treated as historical, valued at 5,000 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: STB-1.

Description: The Commander trusts me. Or rather, he hates me. I don’t understand why my unit is the one that’s always given experimental vehicles. A tank should be nice and easy to use and repair in the field so that it can rapidly get back on track. But no, they decided to mount a complex hydropneumatic suspension system that’s as temperamental as a spoiled child. The instruction guide isn’t clear at all, and the maintenance manual has disappeared who knows where! Exactly who can we go up against with this vehicle? I feel like I’m already locked in mortal combat with the tank itself.

Damn it! What are these tubes? They’re not in any of the blueprints!

Source: wotclue

3 thoughts on “Update 1.11: 3D “Winter Lotus” style for the 🇯🇵 STB-1 – More Pictures

  1. I like how this skin basically makes stb1 become the type 74 and that it is the most real looking skin out of these new styles. Definitely gonna guy this.

  2. Seriously why are they still not adding the Type 74 but instead trying to mix the prototype with the production vehicle ?
    The model is beautiful and all but still completely fictional.
    Lot of features are made up such as the quadro tubes smoke dischargers, gunner periscope sight, rubber side skirts and so on.

    Well, i just don’t understand why they are not working on japanese vehicles in general…

    It seems to be based on the Type 74G which is the only Type 74 modified to be equipped with steel side skirts.


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