Update 1.11: 🇨🇳 122 TM – Changed Stats

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/italy.png 122 TM. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Max speed / Reverse speed: 55   50 / – 15 km / h

Gun: 120 mm TG

Rate of fire: 3,91   3,58 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 565   1 430
Reload time: 15,34 s   16,78 s
Aiming time: 1,92 s   2,21 s

Aim spread:

  • during turret rotation: 0,14   0,15;
  • during vehicle movement: 0,16   0,20;
  • during vehicle rotation: 0,16   0,20;
  • during turret rotation at maximum speed: 4,38   4,69;
  • at the maximum vehicle speed: 8,80   10,0;
  • at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 6,68   8,34.

15 thoughts on “Update 1.11: 🇨🇳 122 TM – Changed Stats

    1. Rather mediocre. The lower the value the smaller aim circle when moving or turning the turret/hull.

      I reckon they chose to offset it and nerf the DPM because of it’s high standard pen of 233mm with that 400 alpha dmg and it’s ludicrous turret armor.
      Looks more in line with an upcoming tier 8 Soviet premium medium named the Obj. 274a, bare the axed DPM.

      A comparison of it vs the upcoming 274a and more recent premium medium tanks that were added:

      1. “ludicrous turret armor”

        Mhm okay let’s check it out —> Two huge ass cupolas that are still visible even when using the full 8 degrees of gun depression.

        You try to brawl with this thing, even a Lowe will out-DPM you. Very little chance to carry games in a meta where a match can be over in 3 minutes with one flank collapsing in a heartbeat.

        1. Yeah I should have mentioned the cupola’s instead of only turret front values (a).
          I’m glad though it has ‘viable weakspots’ vs same tier opponents with std. ammo.

          If you compare to the premium mediums (comparison link) those overall do have worse cupolas and turret armor layouts.
          So I think they are “trying” to balance that out on other stat of the 122TM. But a sub 1500 base dpm…nah that’s just awfull considering it’s a single shot tank and not an auto(re)loader.

          Can’t imagine it getting released as such.

          1. If it keeps its good accuracy, good overall armor and 299-pen HEAT shell then, actually yes I can see it keeping the terrible DPM.

            It will be interesting to see if a tank can be balanced around bad DPM if everything else about it is good. Like, 135 hull armor is really good for a med at this tier. Hell its even pretty decent on the 121 at tier 10.

  1. Worst DPM in the game for a T8 MT (Pantera is worse but has the clip dmg potential). Just…why…??

    1. Because apparently in all other respects the gun is very good – gun handling, penetration, alpha damage. This is apparently their concept for the tank – few shots, but shots that count.

    2. Because it, overall, has great armor, it moves reasonably well, hits like a truck, has good accuracy, great pen, and at worst “meh” gun handling.

      If this thing also had good DPM it would be the most broken tier 8 med in the game. It would make the Progetto look like a joke.

  2. The model they use here is the TL version (the WZ-122-1)
    TL = 3 liquid
    TM = 3 mechanical

    The term “three-liquid” is used to refer to the three new hydropneumatic technologies on the tank: the suspension, the clutch, and power steering. The term “three-mechanical” is used due to the removal of the hydropneumatic technology from the three elements.


    The TM prototype was the WZ-122-2.

    But of course, “our game is totally historical”

  3. What tier is that thing ? I hope it’s tier 6 or 7 because with a reload this bad for only a 120mm gun it does not deserve to be higher, especially in a nation that has a bunch of tier 8 medium tanks with 122mm guns and ~10s reload… Even high pen wont make up for this dpm unless it’s tier 10 pen levels.

  4. hahahaha Soviet cunts have 122 mm. But not even their commi friends hahaahaha. Only 120 mm???They are mean as fuck to be even considered commies anymore. No wonder USSR failed. Fuck Belarus.

    I’ll just laugh and slap them in the face with my STRV 103 0 then. Just like what I always do to those Chieftains who only knows how to shot gold. hahahahahahahahahah

  5. I really want this premium. Chinese bias aside (I like the Chinese techtree more than the ruski one), they basically took T34, improved everything about it, and made it into a same-tier MEDIUM.

    The big cupolas will be an issue but overall I am more eager to try this than the next bobject (274a).

    Please don’t make it a lootbox tank ffs…

  6. Lot of peoples will hate this tank because of the awful DPM,heavy tank mobility and 370m view range. But I can’t wait for this tank since the buffs I love my 121 and WZ-120 because if the alpha and great DPM for a large alpha gun,340mm of HEAT pen and having torllish armour. 122TM is kinda similar but diferent to those tanks. It has great alpha but awful DPM,but great gun handling and gun depresion. So it doesn’t have the mobility,view range or DPM like WZ-120 and 121 but it has same hull as 121 and I think is’t too good for tier VIII medium and turret armour is awsome it does have weak spots on top but in hull down situations turret armour is amazing.And it can go hull down because it has 8 degrees of gun depresion. 3 degrees better than 121 and 5 degrees better than WZ-120 witch still has 3 degrees of gun depresion. It’s kinda like a heavy tank with better cammo valeue and bitt better mobility but bad DPM. It looks like a my cup of tea. 122 TM does have bad things. DPM is tragic even T20 witch does have bad DPM for a tier VII mesium has more than 122 TM. 370 m view range means you must use optics or even binocular telescope to get very high ciew range. Gun handling is very good for a large alpha gun but vert stabs are still must have. Gun ramer must have of course. So that is a shame if 122TM had 390 or even 400m view range I will use vents instead of using optics to make everything else little bit better or the view range and gun handling were awsome I will also drop out vert stabs to use turbo,vents and rammer but the reccomended loadout will be rammer,optics,vert stabs. And mobility is also quite bad almost like a bit faster heavy. 50 km/h is nothing special for a medium and 15 km/h reverse is very bad,horse power per ton and soft mobility stats are awful so it’s one of the slower mediums. But because of the alpa,penetration,velocity,depresion,gun handling and great armour I can’t wait for this tank I hope it’s not going to be avalible only in loot boxes. Maybe it’s going to be for mission marathon witch could be nice because we didn’t have any Chinese marathon. 122 TM I can’t wait for you.

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