7 thoughts on “WoT – [RagingRaptor] The Problems in Ranked

  1. Yes, exactly the progression system should be based on EXP not on some stupid chevron limit.

  2. Top 3 players on winning side gets 2 Chev’s, top 7 get 1 Chev (top 10) rest keep there Chev.
    Top 3 players on losing side get 1 Chev, top 7 Keep there Chev, (top 10) rest lose a Chev.

  3. Rank mode in this game feels like “hearthstone”. Especially when playing slow tank.

  4. the biggest problem lies in the fact, arta is in RANKED, the gamemode which is about individual skill.
    my second biggest problem is that you still dont know which map are you going to get, and its stupid. no other game in competitive mode has this total random factor, choosinf an sconq for example, and going prohorovka hehe have your fun and chevrons with those 2 artas and generally a map which isnt made for heavies.
    interesting that such a basic game as cs:go has the simple system of being able to choose a map, and when there was wgl, the players knew which map is coming, chose tanks accoedingly, they could even ban maps, which again, you cant do in ranked, just simply stupid and luckbased shitfest

    1. your way of thinking is slightly off an intelligence pathway…imagine prokhorovka and 30 light tanks….or himmelsdorf and 30 superheavy tanks….think next time

      1. The solution is simple, you pick a role you wanna play (heavy, medium, light , arty, td) then you lauch the game. you get to know the map you get and THEN you can pick the tank you want. this way wg can still have coherent mm with a varietty of role but you can still choose and adapt. (Taking a super heavy or a more mobile one depend on the map) To me that would be the best way to play rancked. Also yes that would give bonus to peoples who havs all tanks but a player with only one T10 would play only this one anyway so …

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