8 thoughts on “🇩🇪 Aufklärungspanzer Panther In-Game Pictures

  1. I do not remember having hated many tanks but this one for sure was the one I hated most!!!!
    The worst scout I ever saw….

    1. That’s…because you probably didn’t take the time to get used to it. The playstyle was very different from the VK, though REALLY satisfying once you got the hang of it. That thing could pull off some really crazy matches back in the day

  2. UGLY and a pos tank.

    I remember this tank. I flanked a VK45.02 B and he didn’t care, cus the dpm was so low, alpha so pathetic.

  3. Gotta love the comments of oh so many salty bois that never could master the sheer awesomeness of this tank. I understand them because when I started playing the game and had no clue about anything, this was my first “high” tier LT (back then WZ-132 and AMX-13 90 were tier 8) and I absolutely sucked ass in it. Then I learned how to play light tanks (thanks Chafee!) and this thing was A BEAST. Excellent mobility, godlike gun handling and crazy ROF made it dump-truck levels of game-carrying material. It saddens me deeply how they nerfed it so much for it’s long awaited comeback tho, they did it no justice at all.

    1. @El__Sanx Are we talking about the same tank??? 😀
      Otherwise, I would love to have some of the stuff you are smoking…. 😀 😀 😀 😀

      Sorry guys, that tank was the reason I stopped the German Light tree (came back after it was removed). Even the VK28 before it, that was no scout, rather a “ram-machine”.

      Anyway, I am curious to see what they have done with it now.

      1. Pretty sure that the universe doesn’t revolve arpund you. If you didn’t find it enjoyable amd couldn’t get used to it, that doesn’t mean everyone else automatically did the same ;3

        Some of us really liked it. Maybe you stop doing crack and maybe invest more time in learning to play different kinds of tanks?

        1. @xXK4L1NXx: Now you are being ridiculous.
          This tank was so wrong in place that Wargaming removed it from the tech tree!
          Imagine that, even Wargaming realized how wrong this tank was!
          I do not know many tanks that were not Tier X (WT100, FV215, Foch155) that Wargaming removed them completely removed from the tech tree because they did not fit.
          EVEN the VK45.02B whose playstyle did not fit the line, Wargaming created a new line (leading to Pz.VII) instead of removing it.

          As said, I am curious what they will make out of it this time, in order to make it competitive.

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