9 thoughts on “WoT – The Concept 1B – Armor and speed

  1. This thing does the same job as AE Phase I but it’s equal/better in everything. Clearly what the game needed. /s

    Why does WG insist in adding these cancerous pos when the goal is to make people play high tiers?

      1. Whales? These tanks are not for sale (for now at least, the day one can buy a Tier 9 premium I’ll go back to the forums just to see the blues and purples cry and rage), it’s more of the “if we don’t give them OP shit, unicums won’t care about competitive game modes” WG-flavored bullshit.

        1. I imagine the pool of players that chase these reward vehicles and are also ‘free to play’ are very, very small indeed!

    1. The “free t9 premium tank” we’ve seen so far is the foundation for the launch of t9 paid premium tanks. It’s too early to complain, my friend. T9 premium, stronger than T10, will be sold for $100(tank, crew, garage only option)

  2. The tier 9 premium ships in wows are pretty decent to play, seeing as they match with tier 10 most of the time.
    Why shouldn’t a patron expect when paying lots of money, to get a competitive tank or ship?.

    WG have their own “unique” (hidden ninja nerf) methods of balancing as you describe “OP” tanks, one example is my progetto 46 never has fought tier 6 tanks, yet by the MM spread data, it should.

    Another method is, to match a considered “OP” tank for its tier, with the same tank on the enemy team, or its equivalent to “balance” the teams.

    One example is my defender is nearly always meeting an enemy team defender or obj 252 etc.

    Where WG disappoints me is, they do NOT employ this last method with Obj 279(e).

    Perhaps a 279(e) owner can elaborate here if they ever combat tier 8, and give an estimate of the MM ratio of the tank?.

  3. Why would anyone care about fake invented stats of tank in this game that today has one value tomorrow another value,next month another value etc.

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