10 thoughts on “WoT – [RagingRaptor] Concept 1b First Impression – A true Swiss Army Knife!

  1. This CryingRaptor is not to be taken seriously. His free ticket to post his crap on TAP should stop….

    1. How about you stop crying about his content yourself and ignore it? He makes good reviews and I appreciate his content. You don’t like it – hit the road.

  2. At least it had the decency to no equip the tank only with special equipment plus max crew and food plus directive.A tank should be reviewed only with standard equipment.I myself always ignored all the videos from ccs youtubers when they are acting like rambo destroying all tanks instead of making a real review.

  3. thought it was a good video! He has a lot of good info..First time watching him…So how to get that tank?? Ranked season??

    1. Yes, it is the reward tank for the second season of ranked. Have fun grinding for it, you will have to have no life to get it unfortunately.

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