9 thoughts on “WoT – Halloween 2020: Mechanics

  1. Looking at the rewards from the news article for the event its not worth the time. Nothing but 3D styles and some worthless cosmetics that you can’t even sell.

    This gets an easy pas from me especially since the mode just looks like it would be annoying more than it would be fun..

      1. I understand him. No bonds to earn at all in such a biased mode. Hence not worth it. SKIP for me too.

        This is even worse than WTF E110, there is a SOVIET blyat that can’t be damaged at all. I know it looks like a double-barrel E75. But, “double barrel” only for SOVIET cykas.

        Those “unique” styles are all so dark… you can easily found a lot more other camos looks the same…

        If you mean the 3D ones, aren’t they all look so lame and low effort (GJ WG…)?

        Crew members: so many unused commanders from Battle Pass anyway.

      2. It’s meaningless if they fuck up crews next year like they did with the equipment 2.0

      3. I’ve got trained crews for basically every line. I certainly don’t need more and unique styles don’t interest me in the slightest.

    1. How about the personal reserves that you can get ( 50% coin booster and training booklets). The coin booster one is great in my opinion.

      1. I have all the tier 10s purchased, I certainly don’t need credit boosters when the missions and rewards from Tank Rewards are more than enough to sustain my playtime in tier 10s.

      1. No, The rewards simply don’t interest me. The rewards for events have been getting worse compared to what they were in the past. Its the typical pattern for when a game starts to give players less while offering more paid content as the playerbase keeps declining.

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