Mirny-13: 3D Style for 🇩🇪 Leopard 1 Pictures

This is the 3D style for the German Leopard 1. All-season style available for purchase during the Mirny-13 event. The style uses new mechanics.

Fits vehicles: Leopard 1, valued at 4,500 gold.

Source: wotclue

7 thoughts on “Mirny-13: 3D Style for 🇩🇪 Leopard 1 Pictures

    1. Too bad the turret basket’s gone.(the reason why the leo1 looked so cool) but Still has a military feel and the camouflage net looks great. The light source effect of the searchlight? is also unique. Much Better than funny proggeto 65 style or upcomming three soviet t10 tank style.

  1. hmm… this 3d style looks nice.. but bad thing is that turret bracket is gone.. one of the reasons why the leo 1 looked so cool

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