Mirny-13: 🇩🇪 Immortal Pictures

Presentation of the enemy vehicle in the mode. Destroying it is technically impossible, you have to run away from it on the map.

“Few of the scouts survived the encounter with this… tank?” The messages are unclear and sometimes contradictory. Some say the size of this vehicle is as big as a four-story building. Others claim that this combat vehicle is shrouded in red fog that makes it difficult to estimate its size. It is said to have two guns.

Immortals have heavy armor that has never been pierced by anyone. Its guns deal massive damage. The hulls of our vehicles that faced him were destroyed beyond recognition. After detecting the Immortal, run away immediately. There is no point in taking up a fight. Do not even try.

Source: wotclue

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  1. the event takes place in a modified GhostTown, but they show us pictures from Himmelsdorf??

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