The fate of the Weekly Stream videos on TAP…

For months I’ve been posting the WG sponsored Weekly Stream videos, usually led by eekeeboo and lately by Germia. However, it seems none of the readers are satisfied by this content, so, due to popular demand, none will be posted from now on.

If you have any other suggestions, do comment it on this article, we always read the comments.


13 thoughts on “The fate of the Weekly Stream videos on TAP…

  1. I am all for that. Less of chubchub is always appreciated. I am sure you can always find his videos on or similar websites whenever you feel the need for grease.

  2. If you want to support WoT streamers I suggust you post Honest Gaming, Circumflex, Maybe Leming Rush he’s not that much of a shill anymore, oh and maybe Claus Kellerman I cant remember if he streams or not.

    These guys are the only ones who actually care about the game and the community by giving advice on how to play better and aren’t afraid of calling out both Weegee and the community on their bull while still being entertaining.

    1. Also I’m working on my Canadian Tech Tree proposal (for WoT) for you guys

      I unfortunately lost almost all my info on the canadian A30 projects and lost all of my info on the T95 centurion hybrid proposal so I’ll have to go back to the archives for that stuff. Also grabbing some side material like camos, paints, decals, crew skins, and a possible map location since Weegee loves to have a new map that goes with a new nation.

      I just need some time to put all of this stuff together.

    2. The reason behind posting those vids was simply that they are the ‘official’ WG livestreams.
      However if you think that posting other streamers’ uploads, I can talk with Seb about it.

  3. Well i for one really enjoyed Germia Streams there fresh funny and easy to watch she is 1000% better than Eekaboo and far better to look at

    just give Eek the boot, as nobody will care

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