4 thoughts on “WoT – Weekly Stream with Germia 07/10/20: The Last Waffenträger E220 event

  1. Can somebody enlighten me here?
    What is the logic behind us seeing Videos posted in TAP of this girl who has three months WOT experience, playing this parody of WT100 ????

    1. The answer is simple, it’s posted to keep consistency.
      It’s not about the streamer, it’s about the type of video that is uploaded. You have no obligation to watch it.
      However, if you really think that content with Germia in it is too low quality to be ever enjoyable, then tell me so and I’l talk about it with Seb.

      1. Do you enjoy it? I prefer to watch someone doing the dishes or sorting garbage than that person.

  2. I dont know but asking me the same, it’s not entertaining to watch this potato, playing like a usual WoT-Bot.

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