5 thoughts on “WoT – Developer Diaries: Italian Heavy Tanks

  1. More OP fake sketches LETS GOOOOOO
    Seriously, 310mm effective SPACED turret front on a tier 8 premium.
    Well done, Weegee

    1. christmas lootboxes are coming to town 😀
      better than T77 with worst dpm. maybe brit light tier x has worst dpm 😀

  2. Yaaay, more broken Tier VIII premiums. Just what the game needs. The new monetisation advisor is making the game die faster than an anti-vaxxer’s child.

  3. As someone wrote on forum… that 44% supertesters will balance them as always, right fine.

    1. Considering the less than amazing mobility, even with a top speed of 50kph it looks like itll struggle to lug itself around like the Emil and Emil 2, the terrible gun handling and the fact the base armor values are quite low, its gonna be like the swedish meds where it just gets dicked on by heat, just not through the turret, its gonna be slow to get around the map unless it has god tier terrain resistances, and the gun will be more potato than the kv2’s 152

      Right now as it stands, at best itll be annoying to fight like how it’s annoying to fight a defender, at worst itll be over shadowed by the other prem heavies and the progetto 46. Still a neat tank thou

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