Last Waffenträger: 🇩🇪 Waffenträger auf E 110 In-Game Pictures

– To drive the mighty Waffenträger auf E 110, you need a special key. You will receive them as a reward for fulfilling the Greyhounds ‘ mission and for achieving certain milestones in the event’s progress system. The keys are also available, during the event, as set contents in the Premium store.

The Waffenträger auf E 110 will make you feel a surge of overpowering power, which will no doubt reward your effort to get the keys. Max von Krieger turned this incredible vehicle into a lightning-throwing giant. Even a basic Gungnir attack can wipe out more than half the HP of a T-55 Thunderbolt. At the same time, the E 110 can fire a rapid succession of shots, much like vehicles with automatic charging. An EMP arrow is a special skill that can slow down and stun targets, while an EMP blast is a weapon that wreaks destruction within its fire range. A powerful wave comes out of the Waffenträger in all directions, penetrating obstacles and stunning opponents within its range and damaging those closest to it. The more opponents you hit, the shorter the recovery time.

The Waffenträger auf E 110 is also resistant to fire and damage to modules and tracks. Von Krieger also set up several AI-controlled groups of guards on the map to help him detect Greyhounds and inflict damage on them (which would increase at the end of the battle).

Source: wotclue