25 thoughts on “WoT – It will return soon

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, however, it will be most likely a Sturmtiger type event. You know how WG is, let us trust their incompetence on this one.

  1. we have arta cancer in game, we have ebr ebola in game , we have obj 279/chieftain plague, it was only THIS missing….

    1. I will never praise or defend WTF E 100, but that thing would get murdered so hard by arty and HE slinging heavies it’s not even funny, also even if it runs full APCR what’s 320something pen vs invincible turrets which are the norm on almost any tank in Tier 10?

      1. man, your argument is not valid, we have shitbarn in game, that is equally vulnerable to HE and arty, and is not even close to be that broken , compared to wt…. and if people complain about shitbarn, wait till wg will reintroduce wt

        1. The port o john’s only redeeming aspect is its cancer HESH, the whole tank is balanced around them (AFAIK it’s the only tank in the game where WG advertises its gold ammo). Even if you play it cheap like a Tier 10 KV-2 with full non-gold HE, it will still be burdened by horrid mobility and arty levels of camo and gun handling.

          1. i agree with you, even with the gold hesh, you rarely pen something with shitbarn , but a wt can clip a maus easy . i really hope the wt is just for an event and not some reward tank

  2. judging by the dark&sad weather and lightning effects,and the point “WTF E100” is mostly a scary tank (in some way),i’d say this will be for halloween event

    1. Chieftain Mk6 should’ve been the UK HT techtree Tier 10 when they removed FV215b (not sure why it was not the case from day one, it’s not like the Chieftain is a modern tank with lots of classified characteristics), not the fantasy “Super” Mongqueror.

      … but I guess WG needed some excuse to make the premium T95 hybrids? There’s THREE of them ffs.

        1. Well actually…
          The Suka Conqueror is technically a semi-fake, considering that no tank of its type was used for active service.. unless you count target practise at gunnery ranges active service.

  3. Blatantly the ‘spooky’ event shit that comes around every October. Can’t be any worse than last years can it? OR CAN IT? This is WG after all!

  4. Aaaarrrgghhhhhhhh, the Almighty WT E100 returns from death…Hah, Himmelsdorf`s banana street with full hp Maus cumming…and being clipped by this monster.I would load 1st clip with HE, as warm welcome to E(bola)B(raindead)R(etard)s, then full gold just for fun and glorious russky armor.Bring it back to my garage, bring it back now.

  5. If this will be the event for Halloween this year instead of that postponed Silent Hill one from last year, WG can flush themselves down the drain.

  6. WG cunts are more and more desperate. And it is easy to see why, just have a look at the number of players on their servers.

    1. The big dip was after the 2017 holidays iirc, when they sold WZ-120 FakeTank and Defender, that was huge and almost halved the playerbase, but since then I’ve not seen any shortages (yesterday evening the queue on EU was so clogged it was hard to get a match).

  7. The game at the moment has more important problems than wtfe-100.I never saw this tank like an op tank.

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